Friday, June 26, 2009


By this time next week, I will be on a plane to Paraguay. I am going there as a part of the world-renown PSU in Paraguay program and will be teaching Introduction to Analytical Process (business calc by any other name would smell as sweet...). It is a long awaited event that has taken time to become real to me. First a passport for me; then passports for the family. Then get shots. Then get visas.

It was the visas that did it. Our passports where returned from the Paraguayan Embassy yesterday by special delivery yesterday, each with a stamp and a hand-lettered 90-day Turista visa.

If all goes as scheduled, by this time next friday my family and I will be sitting at the gate in Atlanta waiting for our flight to Buenos Aires. Tulsa to Atlanta, Atlanta to Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires to Asuncion.


James A. Altena said...

So, Bobby, do I get the honor of being the first person to leave a comment on your blog site?

Best of Luck!

skf said...

So you have to leave the country to find people who really WANT to learn math???


Nicholas said...

What SKF said :)

Alice said...

Glad to know that you and the family arrived safely. Have fun and enjoy the people and the food!

Tía Hillary said...

Found your blog via Google Alerts, reading about your trip to Asunción. I'm more than a bit envious! I lived there for a year as an AFS exchange student in 1979. I have been back 3 times and hope to return this summer.