Saturday, August 21, 2010

Potato cannons: warning with regard to variations on design

Because of considerations concerning noise and neighborly relations, I have downsized the design from a potato cannon to a Q-tip pistol. This entails using the outer cylinder of a ballpoint pen as a barrel and a vitamin D bottle as a combustion chamber.

Being the creative individual that I am, I have been exploring different configurations. Today, I thought I would explore the possibilities of using baby bottle as the combustion chamber. It has more volume than the vitamin bottle so it would have just a bit more power. My first trial was a roaring success as I used a half-inch piece of plastic pipe for the barrel.

Encouraged by this success, I decided to try a model with a pen for a barrel. I sprayed in the fuel, pressed the button, and lost a nipple. Fortunately the nipple was from the bottle and not from me, but it was badly enough mangled to cause me concern.

I believe the problem is in using too small of a barrel for the size of the combustion chamber.

Once again I warn the reader these are not toys.

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