Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Shifting of Focus

I find myself shifting from the here and now to the middle of next week when I will be back to begin assistant dean and getting my bearings as the acting chair of the chemistry department. I begin to think about taking my place as President of Noon Rotary where Mindy Clonginger has stepped into the breach for the last month. Do I have a gift for her? I'd better check.

The e-mail in my inbox seems more urgent, like something that is going to effect me. I begin to think about packing my bags and getting my back medicated for the flight home. The kids have gotten online trying to see what the inflight movies will be on the stretch from Buenos Aires to Atlanta. Nothing like staying up all night watching mediocore movies with a couple of hundred perfect strangers.

It has been a good experience for me and my family here at El Rinconcito. As I mentioned to Celeste the other day. She says it is a hotel, but it is a home. It is a home where you are fed and cleaned up after.

My family has used it to expand our horizons and to rest. Looking back on the beehive in which we live isn't exactly comfortable. Both Jean and I worry about the pile of work that has piled up on our respective desks. We also worry about all of the activities that await us. But that is reality, those are our lives. I will never be the gentleman rancher in the Chaco who writes novels. Jean will not be the mistress of the house, supervising the cook and the grounds keeper. We will go back to our lives as Professor/Administrator and Librarian.

But we will plan to come back.

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