Saturday, July 04, 2009


We are in Paraguay. I have showered, eaten, and slept. After about thirty hours of travel, those activities are essential.

The leg of the flight from Atlanta to Buenos Aires was one of those overnight jobbies. You are supposed to sleep, but this rule is honored more in the breach than in the keeping, to coin a phrase. For my part, I am six feet three inches tall and weigh many hundreds of pounds. The folks who designed the plane used something which was the length of my femur to measure the distance between the front of my seat and the back of the one in front of me. Eventually, I turned over on my side and got a bit more comfortable with my feet hooked under the seat in front of me. Try this in a straight back chair sometime and you will apprecate my abilities.

We landed in Buenos Aires at 7:45 and were there until 1:20 (13:20). It is an old airport and the manner in which it has be kept up reminds me of Oklahoma. Let ye who have the wisdom understand. There were people walking around in the airport wearing surgical masks because of the swine flu. Apparently there are many cases of it in Argentina. From there it was a short hop to Asuncion.

We were met by our host Celeste at the airport. She took us to her home in her king-cab pickup truck. She showed us our rooms and arranged a snack for us. We went to bed early. I am pounding this out before coffee, which I will now go to seek.


Alice said...

Glad to know you and your family arrived safely. Enjoy the people and the food.

Bobby Winters said...

Thanks, Alice. Having a great time. Went to the Superseis.

Lynette Olson said...

Your trip sounds familiar except for the face masks. Take care and enjoy. Hope class goes well tomorrow.