Monday, March 14, 2011

One Piece at a time: Finis

We started our project with the case and we finished it with that one little random piece of cable that you almost always have to get. The project was smooth, but not so smooth as to be unsatisfying. Quite frankly it was kind of affirming when we got to the point where the cable wouldn't reach and I knew how to order the adapter.

Lydia, for her part, was a trooper and a good sport. She didn't pout when we couldn't finish right away. Her enthusiasm when the various parcels arrived carried me along in the evenings when I was tired.

Now it is done.

We installed the last part, the piece of cable, and installed Windows 7 on it. It is up and connected to our wireless network. I then connected it to our Windows Home Server and the network printer. After Lydia polices up the area around her desk, I will let her have some speakers and we can install iTunes on it, and then we can begin the process of migrating her music over, which was the main purpose of this upgrade.

I now begin to think about my next project. Maybe a Media Server for the Family Room, maybe refurbishing Lydia's now former laptop into another Ubuntu box. I don't know,

What I do know is that I loved this project and a little girl's smile is priceless.

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