Monday, May 16, 2011

Multimedia Computer: Over a big bump

An Ode to the (alliterative participle) Front Panel

As of the last entry, I was murmuring the Jesus Prayer and contemplating my navel like an ancient Eastern Orthodox Monk. This morning I took it apart and put it back together.  I put it together exactly as I thought I'd done earlier.  I then hooked it to the keyboard, mouse, screen, and power was EXACTLY as before.


Then for some reason that I do not remember I reached into the case and unplugged the power switch connector and the power came on and it began to boot.  That is correct, my friends, I plugged the power switch and it came on.

I then turned off the power in the back and reconnected the power switch connector to the front panel wire.  I turned the power on in the back and pressed the power switch in the front.  It came on and I installed Ubuntu on it.  I am writing this report from the very Multimedia Computer itself.

There are things to be done.  In the course of unplugging everything, I took out the wireless card and the TV card. I will have to put them back.  I will no doubt have to do some software stuff.

But I am on the road my friends.

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