Sunday, May 01, 2011

Multimedia Computer: Parts 6,7, and 8 to be continued...

After my 2 terabyte hard drive arrived, I found myself within 3 relatively inexpensive parts of being done.  They were
  1. the all-important TV card without which the adjective "multimedia" coming before the computer becomes somewhat confusing;
  2. the WiFi card without which the computer would not be able to access the Internet from our family room; and
  3. a $2 piece of cable not included with the case without which nothing can be done.
It is axiomatic that parts 1 and 2 arrived on Friday and Saturday respectively and part 3 was no where to be seen.  Furthermore, it rained on Sunday afternoon and was cold with the combination making it the perfect conditions to work on a computer.  I was frustrated until a thought occurred to me.

"Self," says I with a somewhat confident tone, "is it not possible that you might have that $2 piece of cable as a leftover from a previous project."

So I looked, and behold, it was true.  Thus did I sit down for a couple of hours, screw parts together, snap cables together, and generally just have a grand, old time.  I then unplugged my itty-bitty Ubuntu box and plugged the majestic, magnificent, multimedia pc into the same spot.  I plugged in the cable--after a false start--pressed the button and it glowed to life.

And then just as quickly fell into the darkness of death.

I repeated this a number of times.  Then I unplugged it and took it back to the kitchen table.  I took the cover off with one hand while flipping through the motherboard manual with the other.  Then I discovered something.  The motherboard manual said that I would need a 500 watt power source and there on the PSU supplied with the case written plainly enough for me to see was 440W.


I put everything away and plugged by itty-bitty computer back in.  This is a hobby.  I will not make myself crazy.  I will order the new power supply and wait for another rainy weekend.

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